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  • Naetech, LLC Removed Custom Compiled PHP from PHP Nightrain 4.0.0 OS X

    Recently various PHP Nightrain 4.0.0 Mac (OS X) users brought it to our attention that the PHP binaries we compiled for PHP Nightrain 4.0.0 Mac OS X are not working due to a library mismatch. If you are on the latest OS X (e.g. Mavericks) everything worked fine. But if you are on a older Mac and
  • PHP Nightrain 4.0.0 Released! No More JAVA! Welcome Opensource!

    You will be glad to know PHP Nightrain has gone through one more major iteration and now PHP Nightrain 4.0.0 is going to change the way you develop your desktop applications forever. The predessors of PHP Nightrain were coded in C++, Qt5, Java and went through several other cycles. However, due to the nature of
  • PHP Nightrain 3.0 is here!

    You will be glad to know, PHP Nightrain 3.0 is finally here!  After months of development, testing and useful feedback from users and developers like you, Naetech, LLC is glad to release PHP Nightrain 3.0 to the general public.   Latest Features Here are the current features offered by PHP Nightrain 3.0! [wow_list style=”check”] Works
  • Nightrain 2.0 – PHP Desktop Application Packager is here!

    Dear Users, Thank you very much for your continued support and encouragement. The release of Nightrain 1.0 has been a huge success and I am glad to see how many of you are using Nightrain to package your favorite PHP applications. You will be happy to know Nightrain is now better and stronger than ever.

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  • Configuring CakePHP to Work With PHP Nightrain and the SQLite Database

    We have been receiving quite a lot of queries on how to configure the CakePHP Framework with PHP Nightrain. Please note that CakePHP Framework does not yet support SQLite3. So, you will have to configure PHP Nightrain with pdo_sqlite module. Here are the exact steps to configure PHP Nightrain for CakePHP and SQLite development. 1.
  • Why Use HTML/CSS/PHP for Rapid Application Development?

    In the IT community, you will meet three types of developers. One is a web designer, one is a web developer/programmer and the other is a software developer. And you will also meet the ones who have it all under their belt. Some solutions are better than the other and everything has its benefits. But
  • PHP Nightrain 4.0.0 Getting Started Videos Under Production!

    The announcement of PHP Nightrain 4.0.0 has been very exciting for me and the response we are getting is second to none! If you are loving this release then please do share your thoughts on this post, the forum and of course within your social network and your friends or colleagues. The aim with PHP
  • Shooting the first ever PHP Nightrain 4.0.0 Getting Started Video!

    It took a great amount of time to migrate the PHPBB3 forum data to the all powerful vBulletin 5 Connect! However, I am glad that it’s over and finally I can concentrate on doing some cool things for PHP Nightrain. Since the dawn of PHP Nightrain everyone was asking for a quick walk-through video or
  • Social Media Strategy Template

    Social media is one of the fastest ways to attract more traffic to your website. Download the PDF file to discover how to utilize social media to build an endless flow of traffic to your website!
  • Package PHP Application as a Native Desktop Application – punBB Example!

    In a real world scenario punBB is usually installed on a web server and available to everyone for use. However, in this post I will show you how you can package punBB as a desktop application to illustrate what you can accomplish with Nightrain – the PHP Desktop Packager. If you can package something as
  • Developing a Windows Ribbon Desktop Application using PHP/CakePHP

    Thank you very much for reading this blog post. In this tutorial I will show you how you can use PHP to create a Desktop Application. For educational purposes this tutorial will use the CakePHP framework for rapid web application development. If you are not familiar with CakePHP Framework or do not know about MVC