Package PHP Application as a Native Desktop Application – punBB Example!


In a real world scenario punBB is usually installed on a web server and available to everyone for use. However, in this post I will show you how you can package punBB as a desktop application to illustrate what you can accomplish with Nightrain – the PHP Desktop Packager. If you can package something as powerful as punBB… then you can rest assured package any PHP script with Nightrain.

Here’s how the end result looks like:

punBB Example!

Project Files

Let’s Get Started

Here are the steps you have to take in a nutshell.

    • Download punBB
    • Copy punBB to nightrain /www folder
    • Start Nightrain
    • Follow the on-screen Installation steps
    • Distribute the package

Download punBB

Installing the Application

    • Double-click nightrain.exe/ to start nightrain

And you should see a screen like below:

punBB Install Step 1

    • Click install.php
    • Enter the following information

punBB Install Step 2

    • Scroll down and click “Start install”
    • And you should see a screen like below:

punBB Install Step 3

You are done!
  1. any help with the following error would be greatly appreciated:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mysqli_connect() in /Users/joshuajourdain/Downloads/nightrain.release.2.0.mac.64/www/includes/connection.php on line 2

    is mysql supported in nightrain? if not, can it be configured?

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